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Power Quality Monitoring, Analysis & Solutions

The Need:
Businesses of all kinds need clean, reliable power. Downtime costs companies millions of dollars each year in wasted product, idle employees, lost sales, lost computer data, and more. Many of these companies need reliable power 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24X7).

Internet companies, data centers, and other high reliability facilities such as manufacturing plants require power that is exceeding pure. Their equipment and computers cannot tolerate harmonics or power disturbances of any sort. Much of today's sophisticated technology utilizes solid-state components that are very sensitive to electrical power disturbances. The effects of these disturbances can range form lost memory and garbled messages to faulty equipment performance or failure.

The Answers:
Power Monitoring is a key element in assuring quality, reliable power. Coordinated Power Engineering's (CPE) monitoring services can assess the overall performance of your power system and identify trends that can help reduce or even eliminate the impact of disturbances.

Coordinated Power Engineering offers a total system approach to solving power quality problems with a comprehensive look at every aspect of your power system including system monitoring, verification of equipment application, system configuration, and a and review of manufacturer's procedures. Once the power quality problem is identified, CPE's engineers can recommend solutions to help assure clean, reliable power and help eliminate facility downtime.

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