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Preventative Power Quality Inspection

Coordinated Power Engineering (CPE) can identify power system concerns and implement solutions that will improve your facility's performance and bottom line. Our experience has shown that power quality problems are compounded by the difficulty of identifying potential causes. The cause may be any place within your facility or the utility power grid. Our power quality investigations focus on the tremendous cost impact power problems can have on your business. By identifying potential problems, you can plan and take corrective measures to prevent downtime. Even small steps that help you to avoid downtime, can save your company serious money.

How do you know if you have power quality problems? Do you notice any of these in your facility?
* Motor failures
* Equipment failure
* Power factor penalties or poor power factor
* Transformers that overheat
* Electronic magnetic fields (EMF)
* Circuit breaker malfunctions for no apparent reason
* Lights that dim or flicker
* Computer screens that flicker
* Variable speed drives that trip off-line

CPE's engineers can analyze your operation to help you avoid costly potential power quality disturbances and subsequent downtime. CPE's preventative power quality investigations may include a review of the power distribution equipment, typical loads, peak time, misapplications of components, wiring errors, back-up systems capacity/compatibility, review of possible sources that can compromise power quality, investigation of ways to reduce the utility bill, and review of process schedules.

The old saying, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" was never truer than when it comes to ensuring good power quality in your facility.


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